Halcón Vineyard

We hear the story about folks getting “the wine bug” and starting a winery as a second career. That’s the case with Paul and Jackie Gordon of Halcón Vineyard and Winery. Their path to becoming winegrowers (farmers and winemakers) is particularly unique and impressive.

English born and bred, they have lived and worked in Silicon Valley since 1990. In 2005 they bought 165 acres in Mendocino’s Yorkville Highlands, a high altitude, wild, exposed AVA between Cloverdale and Anderson Valley. They got right to work planting (mostly) Syrah and made their first wine from their “Halcón Vineyard” in 2009. These two don’t mess around! 


Halcon’s flagship wine, “Alturas” Syrah, is definitively Rhone-style with its spicy, savory, meaty overtures.

Halcón’s flagship wine, “Alturas” Syrah, is definitively Rhone-style with its spicy, savory, meaty overtures. The wine’s fruitiness is like an NBA 6th Man, starting on the bench then making critical impact later on. (If my sports simile is not for you, the fruit starts slow then picks up a head of steam.) Its lavender, rosemary, minty perfume is one that buckles the knees of Rhone and Rhone-style fans, as many a critic before me submits. While they do well in wine sales, they deserve to do better. Their wines are that good.

Besides the Alturus Syrah, Halcón also makes Pinot Noirs, Petite Sirah and two Rhone-style blends, a red and a white. Most of them are from Mendocino in or close to the Yorkville Highlands. The wines are at least solid, sometimes thrilling, or something in between. Prices are very reasonable for what you get...they’re too low in my opinion. Total production each year is 1000-1500 cases: tiny. I’m gonna have a blast getting to know the Gordons & Halcón as I share their story with you and connect you with their wines.    

3 questions for Halcón:

Your favorite home-cooked meal?
Mountains or Ocean and why?  
Tell us something interesting about terroir, clones, yeast or cork