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Apsara Cellars is a perfect example of a winery that marries delicious and distinctive. They belong in your weekend-wine stash because you’ll want to pay attention to them. While they shoot from the gate with impressive fruit, their complexity quickly becomes apparent. They are under-priced in their category: $80 for their single-vineyard Cabernet is as high as they go. Case production is microscopic, running from 50 to 110 cases per. Looking at these numbers, it’s no surprise this is a passion project. 

The man behind the passion is owner/winemaker Robin Akhurst. His resume, present and past, warrants a double-take. He is the winemaker for two long-established Napa wineries, Swanson and Clos Pegase. His professional journey began in his home country Scotland where he “sommed,” then London to work in top-shelf wine retail. Scholastic and practical wine education followed in New Zealand, Australia and Burgundy. He moved to Napa in 2009 to work a harvest at Howell Mountain’s Outpost Winery where he helped craft wines of power and grace “Napa Style,” further honing his craft. Robin joined Swanson and Clos Pegase in 2015. He launched Apsara in 2012 (?). Read more about Apsara on their website.

Apsara is a Sanskrit word referring to a dancer who exudes balance, power and expression.  You get the idea. If I could only move this to the English vernacular: “this wine’s got APSARA!” 

I’m really looking forward to featuring Apsara wines and telling you more about them in my feature stories and wine offers. 

Get to know Robin Akhurst:

Your favorite home-cooked meal?
Mountains or Ocean and why?  
Tell us something interesting about clones, yeast or cork

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