Villa Ragazzi Sangiovese 2014


Michaela and Gregory Rodeno bought 25 acres in the middle of the Napa Valley in the 1980s and named it Villa Ragazzi: Home of the Children. Their son & daughter, fondness for Italy, all that is Italian and Sangiovese is their inspiration. It is manifested in the wine offered to you today: Villa Ragazzi Sangiovese, Napa Valley 2014. 

In the 25 years from then to now, the Rodenos built a home, raised a family, planted a vineyard, replanted a vineyard and juggled “day jobs” while making and selling between 100 and 300 cases of wine, mostly Sangiovese, each year. You’re right – that’s not very much. Their pride rests first and foremost with the quality and authenticity of their wine (more on that in a minute), but it also rests on the fact that they were the first to plant Sangiovese in Napa Valley. That makes them pioneers of sort, but not the sort that start a revolution as Sangivovese makes up less than 0.5% of Napa vineyard area.   


Villa Ragazzi Sangiovese 2014 is a lovely wine. Raspberries, wild red cherries, red roses, black tea, bay leaf, new leather and energetic acidity shine bright. Built on a foundation of 13.3% alcohol and not-new French oak aging. I tasted this (again) last week - it's drinking great. Almost five years old and starting a long stretch of fantastic drinking. Aromas, flavors, texture and finish (25 seconds by my measure) are all great and in sync. The 2014 is 100% Sangiovese, all from an organic vineyard in Calistoga. 195 cases made.

First draft of this offer pushed the "Best Sangiovese in California" opinion. While true, more important ultimately is that this is the "Best Food Wine in California” according to Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor (yep, that’s me). It's great with aged, firm cheeses (especially sheep cheeses) and cured & smoked meats. If you want to go deeper on the pairings, the Rodenos have us covered with ideas. The Villa Ragazzi Eating & Drinking page is a wealth of ideas and recipes. First dish on this page I’m going to make the Lamb Chops with Fennel & Tomatoes.  


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VILLA RAGAZZI Sangiovese, Napa Valley 2014
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”Shining acidity and low oak influence…this is easily confused for Tuscany (Italy) Sangiovese. Optimal drinking: now through 2029. Read more
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