Purchasing Winery-Direct

Purchasing winery-direct


Flavor Mountain writes stories about small, cool, high-quality wineries and the wines they make. Each story includes a wine offer that you can buy, winery-direct, with a discount. Stories and offers are on FlavorMountain.com and sent out by email.

You may think I’m a retailer. Why wouldn’t you? I’m offering wines to you for retail purchase. 

A view from the top of Flavor Mountain…

A view from the top of Flavor Mountain…

But I’m not a retailer. I am a writer, promoter and sales agent for a collection of small wineries (my core wineries). When you purchase wines from my wine offers, you purchase direct from the winery.

Each Flavor Mountain winery story and wine offer directs you to that winery’s website, where you can purchase wine at a discount. (You’ll enter a Flavor Mountain or Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor discount code at checkout. For more on discounts, GO HERE.) The sale and transfer of wine is between you and the winery. I’m happy to advise in order to facilitate a smooth transaction for you, but the logistics of the sale and wine shipping are out of my control. 

I understand that setting up an account for each winery you choose to buy from may be unpalatable. If this is the case, let’s discuss making ordering easy for you. Fill out the form below and I’ll contact you to discuss ways to make it easy for you to buy wine.  (Make it easy to buy form: Name, town of residence, email, phone number, best time to call, message)   

One more thing. The wineries I feature all practice excellent email communication practices. They will do all they can to engage you in the hope of future sales, and rightly so. In this regard, each winery on Flavor Mountain assures me they will ask for your permission to send marketing materials. I hope you say yes, but if you don’t then the wineries will leave you alone. If this is not the case please let me know so I can correct.