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About Dan Dawson

"Dan Dawson - Napa Valley’s Wine Advisor"

By Tim Carl for The Napa Valley Register. May 20, 2019

"The Stories Behind Wine"
Podcast featuring Dan Dawson

I sat down with Christian Oggenfuss, founder and CEO of Napa Valley Wine Academy, to tell my story. With the help of Christian's smooth style and cracker-jack production, "The Stories Behind Wine" with Dan Dawson is a good listen - 40 minutes long. I cover my introduction to wine and my Napa Valley wine experiences pre, during and post Back Room Wines.



By Dan Dawson

Dan’s 4 Wine Picks and How to Find Them

Inaugural, bi-weekly feature story in the Wine Section,
Napa Valley Register, August 29, 2019

Success With Syrah – Two Stories

Napa Valley Register, February 14, 2019
This is a story about California Syrah and why wineries grow/buy/make/sell it even though the cards are seemingly stacked against them. 

Livermore Valley Wine Country: Why Go?

Napa Valley Register, November 29, 2018

A recent day trip to Livermore Valley’s wine country corrected my misconceptions and also raised a few questions, the most important one being: Why should wine drinkers go there?




I moved to Napa a few years ago and wanted to learn more about wine, especially local lesser known wine makers. I discovered Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor, Flavor Mountain’s sister website. Since the website was so informative, I engaged Dan to help me organize and add to my wine cellar. He consistently provided me with helpful ideas and continues to proactively teach me about wines I am likely to love. Like a coveted Bordeaux, Dan is an endearing blend—he combines encyclopedic knowledge of winemakers (and their wines) with a friendly easy-going personality (no pretentiousness). He can quickly match your wine interests with many choices, and Dan is particularly skilled at advancing your wine tastes to new varietals and global regions.  

- Jon Harris, Napa CA

I’m a big wine fan and love to drink a good bottle, especially Cabs and Pinot Noirs. But to be honest I’m not all that interested in knowing all the details about the wine or the winery. I just know good wine and I know what I like.  Dan knows what I like maybe more than I do, and has recommended to me perfect wines for my home every time. I know he can tell me all about the wines he recommends, but all that matters to me is that his recommendations are terrific and over-deliver for the price. 

- Sonny Arias, Alemeda CA

My husband and I have known Dan since he first opened Back Room Wines in 2002. I am thankful that, after he sold that business, he has chosen to offer even more attention to customers through his wine features, recommendations and advisor services.

I must admit that I am rather a tough customer to please as I desire wines in the 12-13% alcohol range and I enjoy trying uncommon varietals. My husband has his own criteria to which Dan responds. Dan’s service is exceptional in that he listens to our requests, finds a solution and makes sure to recommend the right wines for us.

- Cathy Linden, Napa CA

I’ve known Dan Dawson for almost 20 years and have trusted his wine advice at The French Laundry, Dean & DeLuca and Back Room Wines. I’ve had many memorable experiences with DD and he has led me on an incredible journey through Napa Valley as well as introducing me to Châteauneuf-du-Pape and white Burgundy. Dan’s broad wine knowledge, great palate and independence make Flavor Mountain (and Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor) a must-read.

- Bill Ray, Jackson MS

Dan’s wide array of experience uniquely positions him to suggest the perfect wine no matter your budget. Instead of making wine elite and exclusive, he makes finding great wines easy at all price points. This is such a fantastic resource for everyone, not only those who can afford the legendary wines of the world. If Dan signs off on a wine you can be assured it is a great purchase.

- Andrew Shaheen, Napa CA