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Maybe you know me, or you know someone who knows and recommends me, as an astute judge of the wines you want to buy. You like how I think about and write about wine. Everything looks good. 

But for one reason or another you can’t pull the trigger and start ordering. You’re busy, you’re not sure what your ppersonal-wine-shopperartner wants, you’re overloaded with information. You like wine, want a bunch of it in your home and have the means, but you’re not into it enough to pick and choose. 

If I’ve touched on a scenario that you can relate to, why don’t you give me a call. My experience with wines of all colors, styles and price points, and from all wine regions in the world, can help you assemble a wine collection that will make you happy.

Here is how I charge

Wines that I order from wineries or retailers on your behalf have a 5% Wine Advisor Fee added on, which is passed along to me. 

Private wine services such as wine tastings, cellar organization and wine travel concierge services are charged at $100/hour. This rate can be reduced based on the amount of wine you, as my client, purchase. No two situations are alike so I leave it at that for the sake of introduction. If you want to learn more, let’s talk about it.

Initial wine interview is free. The interview goes both ways. We have to get along to make this a rewarding experience for both of us. I also find out important stuff like what kind of wines you want to buy, purpose of having the wine, budget, etc.

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