How Discounts Work


If you buy wine as a result of reading a Flavor Mountain wine story and wine offer, you get a discount.
It is either a small discount or a pretty big one. I’ll explain the difference.

Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor (DDWA) is a website that posts wine reviews focusing on particularly good value wines of every type. These reviews include but are not limited to the wines offered on Flavor Mountain.
Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor ALSO sells memberships. A membership with Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor gives access to complimentary tastings at cool wineries, discounts on wine classes, direct access to Dan for wine advice, and (most importantly for this discussion) DEEPER DISCOUNTS ON WINES OFFERED ON FLAVOR MOUNTAIN. (Here is a complete list of membership benefits and sign-up form). Membership is $5.95/month or $60/year. 

When you read a wine story and wine offer on Flavor Mountain, the offer will include a discount code in the neighborhood of 5% off. The Flavor Mountain wine offer will direct you to the winery website to purchase, where you can enter your discount code as you purchase. 

If you are a member of Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor, you will receive by email A DIFFERENT discount code for a deeper discount – 15 to 20% off typically. DDWA Members receive an email with members-only discount information (the %, the code). An extra perk of membership: DDWA Members get first dibs on extremely limited wines. So if you like being first, you better be a member!  

Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!