Dan Dawson Bio

Dan Dawson Bio


Hi, Flavor Mountain reader, I’m Dan Dawson. Since 1992 I’ve lived and worked in Napa Valley selling, reviewing, promoting and serving wine in one way or another. From 2002 to 2017 I owned and operated the wine shop Back Room Wines in Downtown Napa. In those 15 years I established “BRW” as one of The Valley’s best wine shops for small-production California wines as well as wines from abroad. 


Running a small business takes many skills, and the two that I think were most instrumental in my success were A) the ability to taste and identify high quality & value small-production wines and B) communicate to my customers what makes these wines exceptional and why they want to drink them. These are the two skills that I bring to the forefront in my Flavor Mountain stories and wine offers.

My Napa Valley work history

  • Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor (2017-Present). See how Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor and Flavor Mountain work together.

  • Back Room Wines (2002-2017). Started it from scratch. Sold it in 2017. It’s still going strong.

  • Dean & Deluca Wine Hall (early 2000s). Part of the Wine Team early on in its existence.

  • The French Laundry. Late ‘90s). Sommelier. Or Head Sommelier if you prefer as I was the only one. And their first. You always remember your first…

  • All Seasons Café and Wine Shop (1992-1998). Cut my teeth on fine wine. How to taste it, how to promote it, how to sell it. 

Thanks a lot for reading. Take a ride up to Flavor Mountain for a good time (with wine).