Dan Dawson's Wine Advisor

About DDWA

Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor (DDWA for short) is Flavor Mountain’s sibling website and wine service.
DDWA is an online guide to find the best wines from California and beyond, with an emphasis on wines that over-deliver for the price. At Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor, a wine’s value is quantified by Dan’s unique “Value Rating,” which translates to a Value Category (examples: Great Value, Awesome Value). It’s a terrific guide to find delicious, unique, under-valued wines. 

If you choose to buy wine based on Flavor Mountain’s recommendation, you will want to become a member of Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor (DDWA for short). A $60/year membership gives you access to the deepest Flavor Mountain wine discounts, complimentary tastings at 16 Napa/Sonoma wineries, half price tickets to wine classes and one-on-one wine advisement. Become a DDWA Member here. 

Non-members → small discount
DDWA Members → BIG discount!

For information on wine discounts, go to How Discounts Work. 

Become a member of Dan Dawson’s Wine Advisor today.